Zen Wall Art

Zen is a religious belief, a form of Buddhism, that firmly stresses out the sitting meditation and pure nature of mind. Artists, having the creative mind has come up with concept of Zen wall art. It is ideal for Buddhists and religious individuals who wanted to design their home in the theme of Zen. It is an empirical comprehension through meditation and absolutely not a theoretical perception which means that Zen is realized by own exploration of oneself.

Zen wall art is a famous decorating style in Japanese and Chinese culture. It originally started in Japan and China then eventually become popular in the Asia and even worldwide. In applying Zen to every household, it is important to consider the application of  ideas, elements and concepts that you think appropriate for relaxation.

What Does Zen Wall Art Brings to your Home?

This kind of wall art is basically for home design and decoration. But aside from that, it also has other features that you will surely love once you are going to adapt it at home.

Zen wall art:

  • Transforms an ordinary room into a retreat environment
  • Will convert bedrooms into yoga studios
  • Will make your backyard become a meditation platform
  • Makes your bathroom look like a spa area
  • Provides tranquil and peaceful place but definitely will not make space boring
  • Encourages relaxation due to its simplicity and plainness
  • Has relaxing colours that will provide a calming and soothing environment
  • Have hues colours that are usually warm, relaxing and have natural texture that creates a domestic oasis
  • Is more appropriate to be displayed in an empty space as compared to a room filled with furniture and home appliances

Natural materials can be associated with Zen wall art like having hanging or potted plants to complement the décor. Some Zen wall arts can be more emphasized if painted together the beauty of nature. In addition, it is largely influenced by Zen Buddhism aesthetics and philosophy. This philosophy emphasizes the focus of attention, lack of expectation and simplicity.

Zen painting or Zen wall art is usually a way of expressing the oneself. While crafting the wall art, the artist is embracing the idea that he and his art are one and that he has a message that he wanted to be relayed to everybody who sees his masterpiece. Zen painting is ideally a product of a clear and creative mind of the painter.

From the application of Zen wall art and paintings at home, you can make a perfect Zen ambiance by using stones and tiles that will match with the wall art. In addition, using relevant furniture and home appliance will complement the design. This is applicable when you are remodelling and renovating your home or planning to construct a new one and adapt the Zen atmosphere concept. This concept is emphasizing the natural element to be the focal point of your home décor. If you have realized the Zen ambiance at home, you and your family will find a calming and peaceful living despite of the hectic and busy life.